Allen Fortune


Allen has been marketing unofficially since the mid 90s. He has worked as a web developer as well as a Social Media Specialist. With a Masters degree in Psychology, Allen uses psychological concepts when developing ads and ad campaigns.

David Gejeian

Vice President

David has his Master’s in Fine Arts Degree from California State University Fresno. He has over seventeen years of experience in the restaurant field. He has a passion for the hospitality industry and loves coming up with creative ways to market excellence.

Brittany Reece


Brittany brings years of experience with small business marketing and relations. She is a Social Media specialist that works with clients developing goals and plans to not only grow your Social Media presence but more importantly sales and Leads.



Umad having built over 1,500 websites is a coding expert. He can build on almost any platform and is able to build custom content to provide our clients with multiple options to solve there web presence.

Alondra Ponce


Alondra is able to connect with the younger generation and can speak emoji with ease. She has been promoting on Social Media since the early days of MySpace and has mastered the skill with style.

Brenda Martin


Brenda brings years of marketing experience to Fortune Five. She has been helping businesses connect with their customers for over 10 years in digital and print.

We are Fortune Five Marketing LLC, a Social Media and Internet Marketing Agency based in Central California.


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